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Figures Toy Company Expands it’s Type S Body Offering

Our friends at Figures Toy Company have just informed us that they’ve expanded their offerings of their Type S bodies and accessories. This greatly expands the choices for Mego customizers who want hyper-articulated options. You can see the new selection at their online web store.

Figures Toy Company announces Rima, the Jungle Girl

  It’s a jungle out there, and that’s where this figure feels right at home!  This week’s #MMFTCNEWS features another up close look at something from the Super Friends line, as Figures Toy Company unveils their retro figure of Rima, The Jungle Girl! A character who was established in various forms of entertainment long before she…

Super Friends Darkseid joins the Legion of Doom!

The menacing monarch of the planet Apokolips is making his way to Figures Toy Company! This #MMFTCNEWS headline could spell certain doom for the Super Friends, because it’s our first chance to feast our eyes on Darkseid! Just as Darkseid’s first appearance outside of the pages of DC Comics was in the Super Friends cartoon,…