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Vintage Mego: Star Trek Mission to Gamma VI

Vintage Mego takes a look at the classic Mego Star Trek playset “Mission to Gamma VI” an alien world environment loosely based on a classic epsiode of the television series. We also talk about why the Mego Star Trek line abruptly ended in 1977 even though it was still quite popular. Talk Mego Star Trek…

Vintage Mego: Star Trek Aliens wave 1

    Time to take a look at one of the most collectible lines Mego created, the 8″ line of Star Trek Aliens from 1976. Keeper, Gorn, Cheron and Neptunian? We discuss the character choices and the circumstances lead Mego to artistic license with these characters. Join us at the MegoMuseum www.megomuseum.com   Our Facebook…

Vintage Mego: Star Trek the Motion Picture Bridge

This week Vintage Mego looks at the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Bridge Playset. Often maligned by collectors, sure it’s a little cheaply made but was it a fun toy? We offer our experiences with it. Mego Mania Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/ MegoMuseum Forums http://megomuseum.com/community/forum.php