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New Adventures of Batman deal @figurestoyco

Figures toy company Filmation Batman series

Get ready for adventure with the Caped Crusader and two of his worst enemies! The latest Limited Time Offer from Figures Toy Company features the full set of their New Adventures of Batman retro figures for just $59.99! Based on Batman’s 1970’s animated series, each of these New Adventures of Batman figures will come packaged in…

Batgirl Retro Deal at Figures Toy Company #MMFTCNEWS

Batgirl Retro Deal-

It’s four times the fierceness of Gotham City’s crime-fighting female! The latest deal from Figures Toy Company is available to order now, so after you read this edition of #MMFTCNEWS, head over to figurestoycompany.com for their Batgirl Retro Deal! Just like last week’s Wonder Woman Retro Figure Deal, this Batgirl deal will only be available for one week…

One Week Only: Wonder Woman sale at Figures Toy Company

Wonder Woman Deal at Figures Toy Company

One Week Only!!   Collect a cast of legendary DC Comics characters at a new low price! Figures Toy Company has got a deal for you in this week’s #MMFTCNEWS that puts Wonder Woman in the spotlight! FTC is bundling all of their Wonder Woman Retro Figures (10 in total) together for just $118.99! Hot on the…

More Mego Superhero sightings at Wal-Mart!

Mego Superhero Sightings at Wal-Mart storesMego Worlds Greatest Superheroes at Wal-Mart Check your Wal-Mart stores, US Mego fans, as it’s being reported in many states that the next wave of Mego Superheroes, including the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Shazam! are hitting Wal-Marts. No Green Arrow sightings yet, but he should be arriving with other…

Green Type S Muscle Bodies from Figures Toy Co

Figures Toy Company News MMFTCNEWS

Get ready for an incredible addition to Figures Toy Company’s assortment of customizable figure bodies!Get ready for an incredible addition to Figures Toy Company’s assortment of customizable figure bodies! ClassicTVToys.com, the sister site of FTC, will be adding a new dark green S Type muscular body to their selection this summer! Whether you want to create an army of…

Vintage Mego: Mystery Mego Figures from Japan!

Vintage Mego: Mystery Mego Figures from Japan

Vintage Mego has an episode with more questions than answers. This week we look at recent discoveries from Japan, including a Dinah-Mite wanna-be and is that GI Joe? Visit our shop at: www.plaidstallions.com/reboot/shop Megomuseum.com #mego #gijoe #ultraman