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Mint Off Card: Nada from They Live (bonus Green Slime!)

Mint Off Card looks at not only the latest from NECA with their Nada from the 80s classic “They Live” but also Amok Time toy’s Green Slime from the movie of the same name! Entertainment Earth is our sponsor, if you want to support us click here: Get Toy-Ventures magazine right here:

Mint Off Card: Richard Simmons by NECA (plus Contest!)

Mint Off Card looks at the latest retro figure from NECA, it’s Richard Simmons! The hero we need in 2021. As a side bonus, there is a contest to win this wonderful action figure. MegoMuseum Forum http://megomuseum.com/community/forum.php Mego Mania Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania Hey, did you know we publish a magazine now? No Foolin’ here it…

Mint Off Card: Bob Ross by NECA

  Time for another unboxing. This figure is no happy accident, it’s Bob Ross from the beloved series “The Joy of Painting” and boy is popular in our house. So let’s take a look at this interesting and unique offering from NECA toys. Sorry about the blooper. visit us online at www.megomuseum.com Twitter: @megomuseum Instagram:…