The Mego Doctor Who Myth Busted!

Mego collectors may want to pick up the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine, it’s focus this month is the 1970s and with it they discuss the Denys Fisher range of action figures based on the Tom Baker era of the series.

In the article, they manage to track down Peter Viner, a former engineer at Denys Fisher toys and in the interview, Viner reveals many interesting details about the production of the line, such as who sculpted the heads and that while the bodies were imported from Mego, the heads, packaging and clothing were actually made in the United Kingdom at the time.

However, the million dollar question asked is if there is any truth to the long published rumour that the Tom Baker head was lost and replaced with one of Mike Gambit (played by actor Gareth Hunt) from the New Avengers line of toys. (For the record, we at the MegoMuseum have always thought this theory was, as the Brits say, complete bollocks)

We’re happy to report that Viner definitively dismisses this as a “conspiracy theory” and even though it is  a softer likeness, it is indeed Tom Baker himself on the Denys Fisher Doctor Who action figure.

Get Doctor Who Magazine 508, it’s on stands now.


Watch our comprehensive video on the Denys Fisher Doctor Who line here:


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