The Penguin is on the loose!

Last time it was The Riddler.  Before that it was Bane.  Now, in this week’s #MMFTCNEWS, another rogue is revealed, one that is joining the fight against the Dark Knight.  It’s a new version of an old favorite, as The Penguin is coming back to Figures Toy Company to ruffle some feathers as part of the Batman Retro Series!


Just as FTC has updated The Riddler for a new wave of their popular DC Comics toy line, The Penguin has also been given a more modern makeover.  Having been previously released in an homage to his original 70’s figure, this Penguin has an evil grin that brings back fond memories of Silver Age Batman comics.  Clad in his traditional Penguin suit, the legendary villain is being produced on the 7 inch retro body due to his short stature.   Despite his small frame there’s no doubt he’s still going to cause big problems for the Caped Crusader! 


Much like his counterparts in the upcoming Batman Retro wave, release information on The Penguin is TBD, but this preview will surely keep fans of FTC’s Batman figures happy.  There are several Penguin figures available at right now if you need someone to squawk at your superhero figures, with the throwback 70’s version and the Batman Classic TV version ready for you to order.  There’s also a wide variety of Batman figures for you, and an assortment of DC Comics characters that you can create hours upon hours of figure fun with!  KISS, The Three Stooges, The Monkees, and much more are also available, so be sure to visit Figures Toy Company’s site, and follow them on social media for more updates to hold you over until next week’s #MMFTCNEWS!fig


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