New Type S dark green muscular body from Figures Toy Company

Get ready for some retro figure smashing and crashing with Figures Toy Company’s latest offering! Another new Type S body will be in stock this fall that will allow collectors and customizers a chance to make some powerhouse creations. Look for the new Type S dark green muscular body from FTC!

Whether you want to rehab an old figure by putting it on this new body, or use this body in conjunction with the thousands of parts and accessories that FTC has on their sister site, this new body gives another option for collectors to come up with something! Halloween creatures, hulking monsters, or evil aliens are just some of the characters that can be built on this new body!

Make sure you’re checking for new releases this fall, and that you’re checking back here for exclusive #MMFTCNEWS updates every Friday! FTC has something for everyone, ranging from a huge selection of DC Comics heroes and villains to an assortment of The Three Stooges figures, inspired by their famous films! You can see all of their stock, as well as information on more upcoming releases on their social media pages, so make sure you’re following Figures Toy Company on your favorite platforms!

Mall of Justice,” is almost here , I once again plead with you for submissions. I want to share your photos and stories if you met He-Man at Toys R Us or Captain America at a Car wash. It doesn’t matter if “Chewbacca” was a guy wearing loafers in a gorilla mask; that’s a bonus!

Send your stories and photos to, and I’ll do my best to include them in the publication.

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