ACTION JACKSON COLORFORMS SET: Not a Mego product, it's awesome for sheer camp value.

New to the Museum: The original production artwork for this very colorforms pack. Thanks to Ron (Stabilio) for the great submission, we'll let him describe the piece:

This is the art for the box cover. It is a laminated collage. Basically, every place you see a different color on that art is a separate piece cut exactly to shape and put into place on the collage and laminated. A portion of this (the head area) was also used as the cover of the insert booklet.

The art for the booklet that came inside the box is also a laminated collage made the same way as the cover art. It is sort of like a comic strip but the text and such was added later in the production process. The smaller black details on both collages appear to have been inked in.

The art for the actual vinyl pieces are simply drawn and inked. Since they were printed in black onto the actual colored vinyl, no colors were necessary.

Finally the art for the background that you would stick the actual vinyl pieces to is a watercolor painting.