Who is the Mego Museum?

The Mego Museum was founded by a collector, it's intent is not to be a showcase of one single collection nor a single voice of authority. The Mego Museumis a group effort whose sole intent is to catalogue all product created by the Mego Toy Corp and does so by using information from dozens of Mego collectors and experts around the globe.

Contacting the Museum

THE BEST place to get your Mego Questions amswered is the MEGO FORUM.

The Mego Forum is the webs best gathering of Mego Collectors around the globe. Feel free to ask questions, put up want ads, trade or even plug your auctions with the friendliest collectors on the net.

Who We Are

The Mego Museum was created by Scott C Adams (AKA Scott Carroll). Scott is the very talented illustrator who started it all and made the Mego Museum the world's most popular Mego site. His drive and vision are why you are here.

The Mego Museum is currently being updated by it's curator BrAiN Heiler who can be reached at palitoy@megomuseum.com

Brian is a marginally talented designer who gets by on luck most of the time. If you know about or have something Mego he doesn't (very likely) then please drop him a line.

Joe DeRouen is the host and webmaster for the Museum. Contact Joe for all of your webhosting needs as well as any technical difficulties you may encounter in the Museum.

Joe is a professional writer and mego collector who also runs the "Megostore.com" site you may see in your travels.


We always WELCOME your comments and feedback and questions and complaints, but put up this page to answer some commonly asked questions and address issues regarding contributions. Also check the Mego FAQ for some info on other lines not yet covered in the Museum.

FIRST: No, we personally don't sell Megos here.

Sorry. There are however a number of sources availiable to you in your search for Megos. Including the MEGO MARKETPLACE here at the Museum.

SECOND: We don't offer a Price Guide the museum is a labour of love and is not obsessed with value. Plus, value can change drastically depending on who's interested so we tend to shy away from being monetarily attached to Mego.

Check the LINKS PAGE for info on where to buy Megos, as well as sources for reproduction parts and stickers, other Mego tributes and info.

We have our own forums here where you can communicate with many of the contributors to the museum. You can also buy, sell and trade or discuss Off Topic things such as Pop Culture. The Museum's MEGO FORUM has been running for over 4 years now and is easily the largest (and funnest) Mego Forum on the net. We have some pretty great people.

If you are interested enough in Megos you might consider joining the Mego Email List. Currently with 150 members, it's a running conversation of all things Mego. Lots of people who feel the same way you do. Buying and selling and trading happen every Wednesday .To SUBSCRIBE: go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mego Recieve emails or read from the website.

Check also The Mego Reference Book Store A list of Mego related books and magazines.


THIRD:Mego Museum Contribution Guidlines.

The Mego Museum is an interactive archive. Many pictures here are from contributors who were generous enough to take the time to help make the Museum complete. Contributions are always welcome, but I have a few rules:

RULE NUMBER ONE: Ask me first before you send! Tell me what you want to send. Please do not simply send every Mego picture you have unsolicited. Let's be sure that I need it first,. and am prepared to recieve large files in my email account.

What can you send? Simply put, if you have a photo of a Mego that I don't have in the archives, please send it along! If you have a photo of a Mego that I do have, but in another form, that is welcome too. For instance, if you have a Batman MIB or a Spiderman on a Kresge card, or a more complete figure or playset, that is welcome as well. If you have a BETTER photo of something we do have, you can send that too.

FORMATS:Photographs and other visual material can be mailed directly to me, and can be returned promptly after scanning if requested. Write to request the mailing address. Imagery sent electronically can be emailed in JPEG format, preferably saved at a higher quality setting. Images should be scanned and sent at 100 DPI at 100% so that they may be altered and improved as needed. I reserve the right to manipulate the images for improved viewing.

About scanning: Most of the figures you see in the Museum (like the Hero pages) are scanned directly. This is actually my prefered method for small single items like this as they are in perfect focus and easily manipulated. Again, scan at 150-200 DPI and save as a high-quality JPEG approx 600 -800 pixels high. You will have the most success with a white peice of cloth or a white shallow boxtop (like for printing paper) over the figure. Check your settings in the interface of your scanner software for GAMMA Settings. Gamma should be set at 1.8 or higher to avoid blown out contrast.

I do reserve the right to editorial control within reason. Bad, out of focus photographs obviously can't be used, unless they are really interesting in their own right.

All contributions to the Mego Museum will be credited to their source. Unless otherwise requested, your email address will be linked to your contribution so others can get in touch with you. IF YOU DON"T WANT YOUR EMAIL GIVEN, PLEASE SAY SO.

Thank you in advance, from everyone in the online Megoverse for adding your contribution!

That said, get in touch with me to contribute.