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The Official Favorite Website of the Mego Museum

WE ARE SMALL In SmallWorld, Megos get to be what they want to be, and are no longer typecast as a Batman or a Ponch or a Grandpa Walton...It's where a junked, ten dollar Mego has more intrinsic value than a mint Romulan ever could...It's funny and smart, silly and stupid, and is always a complete SURPRISE. With almost 300 different characters it's a never ending source of entertainment, and I hope you can find the time to get into it. It's strange, but it's worth it. I wish we all could have this much fun with our Megos.

Other Mego Resource Pages

The Mego Mailing List: Email and web-based discussion group for all things Mego. Flea Market trading and more....

The Mego Museum Forums The Worlds Greatest Mego Forum! Buy, sell, trade or just gab variations and pop culture!

Foreign Mego Archive Sister site to the Mego Museum, check out rare and strange Mego produced figures from around the World. Be sure to tell the lazy webmaster to do an update!!!!!

Megolike.com Megolike is THE place for 8" action figures not made by Mego.
Lincoln Monsters A website devoted to Lincoln 8" Monster dolls, that is always buying.

Inner Space Online Possibly the best resource about the Micronauts on the web, Webmaster Dave really knows his stuff.

Plaid Stallions If the Megomuseum is used to discuss Mego, Plaid Stallions is where we discuss everything else that happened in the 1970s

Tomlandmonsters.com Eight inch Monsters and Space Figures by Tomland.
Azrakhamway.com A vitural museum for toymaker Azrak Hamway.
Batman Toys The Most comprehensive Batman Toys site out there this site even features Megos not seen in these halls (for shame!)

Web Sites for Buying Megos

The Mego Store Not to be confused with the Museum itself, Megostore is a seperate entity.

Dr Mego Reproduction Mego Parts at Reasonable Prices.

Classic TV Toys Reproduction versions of the Mad Monsters and Space 1999 plus their own characters and licenses!
Mike's Repro Box Site Mike makes fantastic repro and custom Mego boxes

Bounty Hunter Toys Bounty Hunter is always getting Mego figures in.

Kool Stuff Purveyors of quality vintage toys since 1995.
The Amazing Third Planet have been in the collectible toy business for over 20 years and were always dealing mego, check out their original parts list!

World's Collide comics games and anime too!

Strange Brains video reviews of odd and unusual movies

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