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Lincoln Monsters DEADSTREAM Friday, March 29th

Lincoln Monsters

Next Friday, join us for the first-ever Lincoln Monsters dead stream, featuring Brain from PlaidStallions, Jason from White Elephant Toyz and Frank from Absolutely Retro. Pre-order information, Q&A, reveals, and prizes. It’s all going to happen on the Brick Mantooth YouTube channel. ABOUT LINCOLN MONSTERS A vintage toy brand is rising from the grave!…

Toy-Ventures: Massive Star Wars Kenner Haul!

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Toy-Ventures returns with a dream find of vintage toys. We were recently asked to look at a childhood toy collection that nobody wanted. What we found was a treasure trove of Kenner Star Wars, Fisher Price Adventure People, Mego Buck Rogers, and so much more! Watch Toy-Ventures on YouTube here

First Look: Mego Bizarro from Wave 18

Mego Bizarro

Far out in the universe exists the square bizarro world – home to the imperfect duplicates of Superman and his friends. Bizarro was intended to be the opposite of Superman. Superman being good… Bizarro would then be evil. The duplication process didn’t go as planned – Superman was intelligent, so Bizarro ended up being ……

Lincoln Monsters Packaging Reveals “The Evil of Count Dracula”

Lincoln Monsters Packaging Reveal- PlaidStallions Megolike

The team is well pleased to unveil the box for “The Evil of Count Dracula,” coming soon from Lincoln Monsters. Side A features the poster art created by Chris Franklin, and side B is a tribute to Lincoln International. We’ll have more surprises in the coming days, including final figure reveals and pre-orders. Thank you…

Lincoln Monsters Update and Trailer

The wait is nearly over as we plan to reveal our premier Lincoln Monsters releases, “The Evil of Count Dracula” and “The Power of Frankenstein.” For more about our live stream and pre-orders, please subscribe to this channel or our social media accounts. Instagram: Facebook: We’re going to bring back the 8″ Retro…

Mego Wave 18 Red Tornado first look!

Mego Red Tornado Reveal

With the power of cyclone-force winds, Mego is bringing fan favourite, Red Tornado, to the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Hero collection! The Red Tornado was created by supervillain Dr. Morrow to defeat the Justice League. Red Tornado “contemplated the nature of good and evil and decided that good was the superior force”. He then used his…

Impressive Offering of Vintage Mego @Hakes Auction

Rare Mego at Hake's Auctions Black Hole Humanoid

Hake’s Premier Spring auction is now open for bidding and we wanted to spotlight some of the incredible Vintage Mego in this offering. Get in on all the auction action at! Black Hole Humanoid on Grand Toys Card. POPY MEGO KEN OWASHI GATCHAMAN IN BOX. A complete set of Mego Planet of the Apes…

World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary Two-Face

Mego two Face

World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary Two-Face The coin toss has left Mego Corp no other choice but to add Two-Face to the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes collection! Today we present a factory sample of Two-Face. Harvey Dent was a brilliant District Attorney, crusading to prosecute Gotham City’s most notorious criminals. Then mobster Sal Maroni, disfigured…

Toy-Ventures: Bigfoot Sighting at Vintage Toy Show!


Toy-Ventures: Bigfoot Sighting at Vintage Toy Show! Nothing starts a year better than a Vintage Toy Hunt! Toy-Ventures returns with a recap of Ontario Collector Con, including Action Force, Star Wars, McDonald’s, GoDaikin and Kenner Six Million Dollar Man. As usual, I did something irresponsible. Come toy hunt with me and the boy!   Join…

The Mego Oompa Loompas are coming this quarter!

Oompa Loompa from Mego

Fresh from the Wonka Chocolate Factory!“The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.” The greatest minds at the Wonka Chocolate Factory have partnered with Mego Corp to finally bringthis fan favorite to all of you!  Now you can build out your Willy Wonka collection with this screen-accurate 1/9 th scaled Mego Oompa Loompa!  The Oompa…