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Star Trek Lives On

  A cool article from 1975 about Star Trek’s resurgence into the pop culture landscape that speaks to then President Martin Abrams about those hot selling Mego Star Trek Toys. Visit the Mego Museum Star Trek Galleries for more!

Up Close: Lucifer from Battlestar Galactica

We had a bit of fun with the latest figure from Bif Bang Pow’s Battlestar Galactica line. If there is one thing Lucifer proves, it’s that we need more 8″ robots. Check out the photos and see for yourself. Lucifer is available now at places like Entertainment Earth

Up Close: Steve Austin Astronaut

Another new addition to the Mego Museum this week, from the last wave of Bif Bang Pow’s Six Million Dollar Man line comes Astronaut Steve Austion. Who is available as part of a two pack with Barney Hiller here. The world can always use another astronaut figure, so let’s suit up and check him out.

Captain Canuck first look

What better day than Thanksgiving to release news about Canada’s Superhero action figure. Shown above are finished factory samples of the upcoming Odeon Toys  (which was co-produced under the watchful eye of  Dr. Mego naturally) 8″ Captain Canuck figure. Headsculpt by Andrew Covalt. This figure will be available this Christmas. Above is the yet to be approved artwork for…

Up Close: Boris Karloff as Dr. Fu Manchu

Time for another up close feature. This time it’s the second in a series of officially licensed 8″ Boris Karloff figures produced by Distinctive Dummies. These are produced in limited quantities and are only available here. TIme to let the pictures do the talking with the fiendish Doctor…..

NECA Reveals Soldier Ape for March 2015

The hits keep coming in the ReMego revolution, NECA this week unveiled their second figure in their highly anticipated Planet of the Apes line, the Soldier Ape. This will make a great addition next to their already announced Taylor which is hitting stores this January.   The Soldier Ape is available for PreOrder at Entertainment Earth.

Italian Mego Black Hole Advertising

These cool retro comic book ads from Italy showed up this week created by then distributor GIG. If only Mego had done stuff like this in the US, the toyline may have sold better. Note the appearance of the sadly not produced Old B.O.B magnetic figure which was removed from later adverts. For more Black…

Up Close: Big Bang Theory

Recently these two gentlemen showed up at the front door of the Mego Museum. The Mego treatment seems incredibly fitting seeing as the characters themselves collect Mego toys on the show. It’s only fitting we take a more up close look at the TV sensation that is “Big Bang Theory”, more photos below! You can…

More FTC reveals from the Farrow

    Danny “The Farrow” Anniello  gave us an awesome shout out and made some more fun announcements on the Electric Ballroom Radio Show tonight including confirmations: Superfriends will Include: Samurai, apache chief, new versions of Superman, Batman and Robin Batman 1966 will include Shame and Bookworm (which he mentioned is finished). DC Characters will include Jimmy Olsen, TeenTitans…

FTC shows us their Gleek

One week after we learned of FTC’s Superfriends line of 8″ figures, they’ve teased us with an image of their Gleek prototype on their facebook page. It’s a good day to be a 70’s kid. Discuss this on our Figures Toy Forum!