Monday, May 08, 2006

Mego Aquaman Redux

It's World's Greatest Week at the Megomuseum! We're kicking off a week of Superhero goodness and then ending it with a fantastic announcement that will truly change the face of Mego collecting.

Today: The king of the sea gets an extreme facelift as we revise the Mego Aquaman Gallery with an incredible array of packaging photos, window boxes, Kresge cards and US regular cards, it's all there baby!

Mego Chatter

Score: Greg proves once again that the horseshoe is still up there with his amazing find of Tomlands figures.

Spock?: We're laughing at these cool Mego Like Stop Motion ads for Star Trek 2.0

Bubbles?: I'm really excited about the Trailer Park Boys Movie trailer that just came out.

Uh Oh!: Joe has made his attendance to MegoMeet official and he'll be bringing lots of stuff to sell.

Speaking of Megomeet.....: Jon has created this amazing (and disturbing, let's not forget to mention that) MegoMeet Mascot figure. In case you haven't noticed Jon has been posting his innovative Mego Customs for a while now, the Space Pirates are my current favourites.

So much more to mention but will save stuff for Wednesday's update, watch for Thursday's big announcement.


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