Monday, July 17, 2006

Mego Museum Gets some Serious Press!

Mego action Jackson is featured in this months lees
If June wasn't enough, we have some more great press this July. Starting with Lee's Toy Review magazine. This months "News from the Mego Museum" section is all about the foreign variants of Action Jackson.

Mego Action Jackson is featured in this months leesThe article focuses on Action Jackson's international marketing efforts and includes comments from a familiar person on the Museum Forums.

Mego Museum is featured in this months non sport update
If that's not enough, we also are featured in this month's non sport update magazine dealing with our trading cards. Thanks to the staff of this excellent magazine for this nice piece.

Other News and Events:

DC Direct has retooled the head on their 13 inch Shazam, better or worse? you tell us.

If US magazine can do it, why can't we? It's the Mego Collector Hot or Not Poll

Scott brings us down memory lane with this cool pic of a vintage Woolworths store

Amanda unveils her latest Mego purchase and it's very cool.

Finally, I managed to save my Elastic Spider-Man after he sprung a leak, hooray!


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