Friday, August 18, 2006

The Mego Museum Top Five Headsculpts

The Mego musuem Top five best headsculpts
New Feature today in what I am hoping will be a series, the Megomuseum Top Five list, today's subject? The Best Headsculpts by Mego.

Also going on:

Roberto has started a
Megohead Fantasy Football League and is looking for some folks to join up.

An interesting question about those Mego like Pez heads from the 1970's, who is the man in the Orange mask?

Ben has posted an update in the World's Greatest Toys forum, definitely what we needed to hear.

I'm loving this classic Trek Harry Mudd custom that Georg has revealed.

Ray appears to have been sucked into the world of Mego collecting without even noticing, can you say "Ha-Ha!"


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