Thursday, August 10, 2006

Neat Stuff at the Mego Museum

What's going on at the Web's largest Mego Community

Dan has a few uber cool mego rarities up on Ebay, the guy is always selling quality. A lot of people wish they could be Dan ;)

Speaking of Sales, Vinny is threatening a
massive sales list soon Keep your eyes on that topic....

Vinny also pointed out these awesome 70's Superhero kitchen magnets
Thunderbolt has asked folks to pick his next custom. For those unfamiliar with his work check out his awesome Blue Devil and Creeper.

Mattel has announced a series of Superfriends Action Figures, anticipation runs high as a bunch 30 somethings get ready to hit the preschool aisle! Self included!
John shares the Mego love with a pic of his first carded Titan.


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