Monday, July 24, 2006

Mego Museum visits San Deigo Comic Con Part 3

What Snoop Doggy Dog looks like
Part 3- Experience helps, that's all I'm going to say. While I was busy looking at all the pretty lights and colors, Scott Adams was studying the show's panel schedule and discovered the Superman 2 panel.

We were early and jumped into a panel that featured Billy Dee Williams, Ernie Hudson and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop was a lot smaller in person, tiny in fact, seeing as in real life he is some guys cell phone. Apparantly the real Snoop got stuck in traffic, not really a let down for me but I am sure some fans were upset.

I really just took Scott's word about the Superman Panel, I didn't even really read who was going to be there and honestly, that made it more fun to be surprised.

The Superman Panel
Noel Neill (Lois Lane), Sam Huntington (Jimmy from Superman Returns) Marc McClure (Jimmy from Superman/Supergirl), Jack O'Halloran (Non from Superman 2) , Tom Mankiewicz and Richard Donner! I can't describe how cool it was to applaud Donner in person as I had done in the theatres twenty five years ago.

The Superman Panel

In between the great stories, we were shown the opening 15 minutes of the new Superman 2, it's a Superman fan's dream. Brando is back baby and so is the missing connection between the first and second movies. Woo-hoo!

Another terrific lost scene was played but I had to leave (too much coffee) according to my wife "I missed the best part". Apparantly Lois discovers who Clark really is in the office by drawing glasses on a picture of Superman, I wish i had caught it. I left my wife and Scott in the auditorium as they were sticking around for the BattleStar Galactica panel. I like the show but I had to go meet someone more important to my inner child.

Lou Scheimer signed my Mego Isis CardIn the early morning, a woman handed me a Filmation Flash Gordon Tattoo, I quickly told her that i was a fan. She replied "We have Lou Scheimer signing this afternoon" I completely lost it. Even as a kid I equated that name to countless Filmation Cartoons.

I was there at 2pm on the nose for the signing, second in line behind a young She-Ra fan. On Scott's clever suggestion, I had retrieved an Isis Card from Mark's table to get him to sign. Mr Scheimer was a real gentleman, while I explained that I got my appreciation for Tarzan from him, his daughter explained to me "Oh Dad loves Tarzan" How cool is that? The item on the left might be my favourite thing I got this weekend.

With my wife tied up until 3pm, I had an hour to take some photos and look for a present for my Superhero obsessed son. I actually got around the now jam packed show and managed to get some interesting stuff.

DC Direct Shazam

Here is close up of the DC Direct 13" Shazam new sculpt, I wish he was smiling.

DC Direct

Some new DC Direct figures, I don't know who is who anymore.


Does KISS merchandise ever end? according to Sideshow, no.

Lego Batman

Lego did a cool Batman display this year with a L'il Batcave and Gotham City!

Lego Batman

Awww, the Dark Knight detective has never been cuter! This display was beautiful!

Lego Batman

Sota displayed their "re-imagined" Micronauts, not my cup of tea but I am happy to see the line still existing in some form or another. I hope it's a hit.

My first day Haul I headed to Mattel to see if had won the raffle, maybe it was my lack of sleep but I went to the counter with a losing ticket. I must have given the woman "puppy dog eyes" because she sold me a Grundy. Yay!

I rejoined with Scott and my wife and we headed back to Mark's table. My wife pushed me to make my other purchase of the day, a Mego Greatest American Hero set. I had been after this for many years so I was going home with a grail.

After dining in a great pub, we parted ways with Scott and went to bed thinking we were done with SDCC and would tour San Diego instead. Funny how things change!

Coming Next Part 4: Mego Meet San Diego


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