Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooky Mego Customs and updates to the Museum!

The Museum gets another Accessory check section courtesy of Dave McCormick, this time Dave examines the reproduction parts out for Space:1999 The Mystery Man and Zorro. Now you can verify if your pieces are original or reproduction, if you like what you see stop by the Mego forums and give us your thoughts.

It's Halloween so what better a time to spotlight some creepy customs made by our members.

Frankenstein Mego custom

Todd has made this Killer Mego Frankenstein based on the old Marvel Comics, a real quality piece if you ask me. Todd also did an amazing take on Doctor Strange baddie Dorammu this week, he's a busy guy!

Matt Jaycox made this amazing Hammer Frankenstein

Matt Shares with us his amazing "Frankenstein Force" a collection of customs based on Frankenstein movies from the early 1900's to the Hammer films of the 60's. If you like Frankenstein toys, prepare to be jealous!

A Mego version of Stephen King's Carrie? Anthony has created a box made with love (and pig blood) for just such a thing.

Don has created some neat Skeleton customs just in time for Halloween.

Happy Halloween from the Gang at Megomuseum.com, thanks for making us the number site on the web for Mego Action Figures!


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