Mego Mystery Man: Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Mystery Man


The Mystery Man wears a white version of the short mego combat boot also found on Action Jackson. The boots have not been reproduced, however Classic TV Toys has reproduced a tall white combat boot, which is a reproduction of another Action Jackson white combat boot found in the snow sets. These boots can be cut down to a similar length. The original is made of a firm plastic, while the reproduction is a very soft rubbery material. The repro is unmarked.



The Mystery Man wears the same style helmet as the POTA Astronaut, Action Jackson, Dinah, and Space 1999's Alan Carter. The yellow and white colors of the Mystery Man's helmet is unique to the figure. The helmet has a clear visor and a foam insert. It has been factory reproduced by CTVT. The repro has a slightly different shape and no foam. It is unmarked.


The Mystery Man came on the Mego type 1 body. This first version of the mego male body was a metal rivet, less muscled body strung together with elastic. It has not been factory reproduced.