Monday, April 02, 2007

Ayyyyyy! It's prototype Fonzie!

mego prototype fonz doll

Stumbled upon this great image while updated the Wishbook section at the Mego Museum, this is from the 1975 Wards catalog.

There is already a thread about this on the Mego Forum.

mego prototype fonz doll

World's Greatest Toys News: Benjamin shared yet another striking image on his website today, If you haven't preordered the book but are planning to, it is vitally important to do so now. Showing a big fan interest is key to this publication, you can pre order from Amazon here.

captain mego dead end batman

Our customiser of the month is Chris Meimann aka Captain Mego. See why they call him Captain by checking out his amazing body of work.

captain mego indianda jones


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