Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mego Raffle Prize Lots

With Megomeet being less than a month away, we are happy to announce the annual Megomuseum raffle. Never have we had this many amazing items to be won. Tickets are $5 and are available at the Mego Meet Raffle Page, you do not need to be in attendance to win the raffle (but it would be great to see you).

Prize Lots:

1st Prize: Original Boxed Planet of the Apes Galen, General Ursus and Astronaut Burke.

2nd Prize: Boxed Mego World's Greatest Superheroes Batman

3rd Prize: Carded World's Greatest Superheroes Batman

4th Prize: Carded Star Trek Scottie and carded Zira from Planet of the Apes

5th Prize: Carded Star Trek Scottie

6th Prize: Boxed Denys Fisher Doctor Who Doll

7th Prize: Carded World's Greatest Superheroes Spiderman

8th Prize: Boxed Gabriel Lone Ranger and Tonto

9th Prize: Boxed Gabriel Butch Cavendish and Dan Reid

10th Prize: Carded Lion Rock Cochise, Boxed Buffalo Bill Cody

11th Prize: Lion Rock Cochise Carded and a set of Tex Willer reproductions

12th Prize: Batman on Reproduction Card, Loose Spiderman, Loose Falcon, Superman Box, Chips Van from Empire, Mego Superheroes carrying case

13th Prize: Ken Kelly limited edition Micronauts Hornetroid print

14th Prize: Set of 13 MIB DC Direct Kingdom Come figures

15th Prize: Set of CTVT Pirates MIB

16th Prize: Captain America Bust

17th Prize: lot of Gerry Anderson and Hanna Barberra vehicles (UFO, Thunderbirds, Dasterdly and Mutley

18th Prize: Set of Repro Carded CTVT Monsters, Boxed CTVT Jean Lafite

19th Prize: DC Direct Superman through the ages set

20th Prize: Batman Life Magazine, HW Batmobile, Comic Back Issue and Magazine lot

21st Prize: Marvel Pez, Bonavita Mego Book, Toy Biz Marvel Heroes, radio CDs

22nd Prize: Assortment of Modern Action figures, Flash Gordon, WildCats, Corgi Batmobile

23rd Prize: Crater Cruncher Vehicle

24th Prize: Superman DVDs, Alien VHS, Newsradio Boxed Set

25th Prize: Dinah Mite set

Special thanks to everyone who donated items!

To purchase one or a book of tickets please use the paypal form on this page

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