Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mego Meet "Kit Bash" Contest

Cast-A-Way toys has come up with a fun promotion at this year's Mego Meet, the "Kit Bash" contest.

The rules are simple: Make it at the show! Whatever you get from the Meet dealer room is fair game. No sandbagging with stuff from home, this is to see what you guys can do on the "fly". So bring your ideas, and any other construction materials and tools you'll need, but that's all! Cast-A-Way will bring some paints, and brushes for those who forget, but if you need specialized stuff bring it with ya.

The prizes: Up for grabs is "Red Italian version Phantom", store credit, "one off" custom parts etc (don't worry we'll have that all ready for the winner)... but best of all the chance to call yourself "CHAMPION"Is it in you?.... will you rise to meet this challenge?... Do you have what it takes? Let's find out...

Read More at the Mego Meet Forum

Mego Meet is this weekend.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some of the offerings at this weekend's MegoMeet

Folks are showing off some of their wares early this year at the Megomeet Forum. Hang on to your waller, here is just a sampling of what will be available this weekend:

Romulans by Azrak

Vintage Mego will be in abundance thanks to folks like Blue Meanie, these type two monsters won't last long nor will this beauty of a mego Superheroes display card:

Here is Mego Spidey's Megomeet display, bet it looks even better in person!

Here is the box for this year's exclusive figure Doctor KromeDome, ignore that webslinger, box creator Mike just put him there for show.

Boss is bringing some of his custom creations to the show like this lovely Superman.

Forget Matt Murdock, the Knock Knock Toy Company will have a different Dare Devil available...

Check out the Mego Meet Forum for more

Megomeet Official Website

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mego Museum 2009 Bandwidth Raffle

Like the past 3 years, the annual MegoMuseum bandwidth benefit raffle will be held at MegoMeet. Prizes for this raffle are donated by the Mego community. The raffle benefits the MegoMuseum trading card fund but mostly goes to bandwidth expenses and expenses related to running the Museum, it's promotions and upgrades.

Tickets are now available. Raffle tickets prices are : 1 for $5, 6 for $25 (1 Free), 12 for $50 (2 Free), 25 for $100 (5 Free). Tickets can be purchased at the meet or by paypal or email. See the paypal links below the pictures of the raffle items below. If you do not wish to use the paypal links below to buy tickets, contact us. You DO NOT have to attend Mego Meet to buy raffle tickets. Winners not at the meet will have items shipped to them.

2009 Raffle Items

Every one who buys a ticket gets an exclusive Mego Museum Sticker!

This is just Some but not all of the raffle goodies this year!

To Purchase Mego Meet Raffle Tickets Click Here

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Almost Mego Meet 2009!

It's ten days until the fifth annual Mego Meet convention, the most Mego-y event of the year. Highlights include a custom auction, mego intensive seminars and of course, a dealers room: Here are a few folks setting up this year at Mego Meet.

dr mego is setting up wth emce toys at megomeet

Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke will be there with tons of goodies.

dr mego is setting up wth emce toys at megomeet

Cast-A-Way will be selling their latest line up and spare parts.

dr mego is setting up wth emce toys at megomeet

Aw Yeah! Art Baltazar from DC comics!

Plus many more dealers carrying everything from an amazing selection of vintage toys to custom suits, heads and action figures. Speaking of Custom figures, this year's exclusive is rumoured to be:

dr mego is setting up wth emce toys at megomeet

An 8" version of Doctor Kromedome! Wicked.

Visit for more info and check out the pictures and videos from previous events. Hope to see you there!

Visit the official MegoMeet Forum


Monday, June 09, 2008

Mego Meet Recap Part 2: The Dealers Room

mego meet

Dealer's Room
A close second to being in a room full of people who share your obsession (and speak your Mego language) is the Mego Meet Dealers Room. Whether your poison is MOC, loose, custom, repro, parts, you will never find a better grouping of all things Mego under one roof than here.

mego meet
The room was always tightly cramped, I often had to wait until Seminars were in session to get a good shot of what was available. Here are some but not all of the vendors in attendance:

mego meetArt Balthazar brought his impressive custom collection for all too see, he was also signing copies of my son's favourite comic, Tiny Titans.

mego meetScott Adams brought a breath taking assortment of Dida Displays, these sets truly will make you wish you were six again. I'm really jealous of whoever got the last Monster set.

This Quick Video shows in greater details the offerings from Art, Dr. Mego EMCE Toys (the upcoming Khan and Gorn figures are awesome BTW) and Scott's Dida Displays.

mego meet

Roberto "Blue Meanie" Ligotti brought a stellar assortment of items, which isn't really a surprise, he's done it for the past 4 Meets.

mego meet

This case of Roberto's is where most of my Mego Money went this weekend but I am really happy about that, trust me.

mego meet

John from Type 3 Toys was on hand showcasing his creations, the focus is on bronze age Marvel characters and honestly photos just don't do them justice, they are works of art.

mego meet

More from Type 3 Toys, that Deathlok was truly superb.

mego meet

Austin had a great assortment of customs including a '67 Spider-Man that so calling to me.

mego meet

Brian Leitner had an awesome sampling of his uniforms.

mego meet

New to the show Jim Hampton brought a terrific assortment of items including his Sherrif of Nottingham figure which he sold out of at the Meet.

mego meet

Also new to the show was author Sean Griffen, who offered a bevy of minty figures.

Just a fun walk through video of the dealers room.

This video taken around closing time allowed me to get close to the upcoming Castaway toys Captain Action line including the Phantom, these figures looked amazing in person.

Much more Mego Meet Recollection at the Forum.

Coming Next: Mego Display, Seminars and Wrap Up.

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