Monday, June 04, 2007

Mego Meet 2007 Recap Part One

Mego Meet Friday Night

Got into Wheeling this past Friday later than usual thanks to some predictable highway construction. After checking in, I made my way over to the Toy and Train Museum. Despite having been there two times before, it's always exciting to see new and old faces. Not to mention, a whole dealers room dedicated to my favourite subject, Mego toys.

Upon entering the museum, it felt incredibly familiar, certainly not like it had been a year since the last event. After saying my hello's I started perusing the partially set up dealer room and it dawned on me how packed full of Mego it was this year. With dealers extending all the way to the cafteria (and dealers in the cafeteria!) and more to come, this was promising to be an expensive weekend.

One thing about Megomeet is that time flies, mostly because everywhere you go, you run into someone you know. That's the same with money regrettably, after running into Scott Arendsen, Dan Crandall and Steve Moore to settle pre-arranged deals, I was left in need of a bank machine. Wiped out before the show opens, that's got to be a record for me, not that I'm complaining!

I finally tracked down show poobah Dave McCormick, who looked surprisingly rested for a man with no sleep. I had yet to see Scott Adams, Dave informed me Scott had set up an impromptu workshop in the back busily constructing his Dida Displaysets.

It was pretty cool seeing these come together, over a short time I got to see skyscrapers, superhero headquarters, even a pirate ship materalize! I just wish I could have helped.

Food arrived sometime during the evening and everyone took a quick break. While there we got to drool at the dealer set up there, he had some minty boxed stuff including a beautiful boxed assortment of six million dollar man items.

After the break, things began to wind down, the Museum closed at ten and many members met up at Paul Clare's Mego suite for drinks and conversation.

It's not often you get to chat with this many fellow collectors, so it's no surprise, I totally lost track of time. It was 2 AM before I knew it, I stumbled back to my room to catch a few hours sleep before Saturday began.

Part 2: Dealer's Room coming shortly.

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