Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1978 Re-Imagined Cover Revealed! Catalog Coming Soon!

That's right! The long awaited Mego 1978 Reimagined Product Catalog is almost done! This fantasy Mego product catalog showcases the work of the Mego Museum's amazing custom action figure artists and presents an All-Star line-up of figures we all wish Mego HAD MADE!

Star Wars • World's Greatest Super Heroes Continued • Star Trek Expanded • Scooby-Doo • KISS • Wizard of Oz • Universal Monsters • Batman 1966 and much more!

Design and Layout by Anthony "The Toyroom" Durso

Cover illustration by Scott C Adams featuring the Super Collector, the Time Travelling Guardian of the Mego Museum.

This full color 16 page catalog will be available soon at the Mego Museum. Stay tuned for more news!

You can preview the pages and review the sbmissions at the Museum's 1978 Forum.


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Dano said...

WOW - I am absolutely blown away by this and the work that must've gone into it. Just goes to show that even though 1978 was a good year, it could have been a GREAT year!


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