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Kansas City, Missouri. (July 17, 2013) –Castaway and ZICA Toys are bringing back the Action…. Action Jackson! That is… As the first full production line to feature their all new Type “S” body the team up of Castaway and ZICA Toys is getting historically old school! 2014 is the 40th Anniversary of the iconic Type 2 Body used by MEGO Corporation for all of its Action-Figures in the 1970’s including later editions of Action Jackson.

Released in 1971, AJ sold brilliantly but not for a long time, according to Mego, the first year resulted in 2.5 million Action Jackson figures being sold … (Action Jackson) significance is that led to the concept of using the basic body on any variety of characters. Most importantly, Mego’s next 8″ line the World’s Greatest Superheroes, arguably the company’s greatest success.. He remains a big part of Mego collecting today. The many costume sets and bodies left over from the line are still relatively easy to find
(Mego Museum)

This isn’t his first return though Playing Mantis released a new version of Action Jackson in 2000, and while it was nicely done it was closer to 9 inches in height and not very compatible with vintage MEGO figures. Playing mantis missed the renaissance of Re-MEGOS by about 4 years and unfortunately, this Action Jackson became only a small footnote in history as he, like Playing Mantis, was quickly gone.

In his triumphant return the Castaway/ZICA team has big plans for Mr. Jackson. The basic figure is getting makeover and will not only sport their all new super compatible and more articulated body, but an all new Head Sculpt and more heroic look! The basic Action Jackson will come both bearded and clean shaven in several hair and eye colors just like his past compadres , but make no mistake this isn’t your father’s Action Jackson.
Castaway and ZICA will be accompanying AJ with a bevy of accessory sets, new friends and all new Villains! Yeah VILLAINS! Look for classic re-introductions of classic 70’s characters that they are sure will strike chord with collectors and also make excellent foils for their intrepid hero.

These action-figures will be available through an all new website, and also wherever quality toys are sold! The initial release is set for Spring/Summer 2014

For pre-sale/wholesale opportunities and more information please contact David Lee @ [email protected]
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