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High Quality Mego Commercial Reels discovered!

Thanks to an amazing contribution from former PAC Toys president Joe Ruzzi, we’ve got new higher resolution copies of over 50 Mego TV commercials and toy fair sizzle reels. We’ll be encoding them and sharing one every week in the Mego Museum Newsletter. A round of applause has to go to AcroRay’s Laboratory for donating his time and…

Mego Museum Labour Day Vintage Commercial Marathon

Long weekends and marathons go together, so we’re going through the archives and giving you some vintage Mego toy commercials and Toy Fair reels. Kicking it off with this one from 1979, the Mego Star Trek Enterprise Bridge and Vulcan Shuttle reel.

This is likely a toy fair reel and not something that saw air time. Sadly the Vulcan Shuttle was not produced, rumours abound but no physical samples have ever surfaced.

Also, what’s with the kid saying “and Officer Ilia” in such a suggestive way?