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Micronauts Prototype Hornetroid

Today’s entry into prototype week is a submission by Ray Miller, who did some digging an uncovered the evolution of the killer Micronauts vehicle The Hornetroid. It’s an interesting look at how many changes can be made to a toy before it gets to the store. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Mego Prototype V.I.N.Cent from the Black Hole

In keeping with our theme of Prototype week we present the original V.I.N.Cent from the Black Hole. Mego made some changes to this guy before he was released so it’s an interesting piece to say the least. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Mego Prototype Old B.O.B from the Black Hole

Prototype continues with another look at Mego Corp’s lost treasures courtesy of Tory Mucaro, today it’s the weathered Old B.O.B from the Black Hole, a figure that never saw release in the United States. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Prototype Week Begins with Twiki!

Our first prototype is this amazing hand made resin sample of Twiki from the collection of former Mego designer Tory Mucaro and he shares with us not only the photos but some insight into how the item itself was made. Check out the Mego Twiki Prototype page. Be sure to check back every day this…

Coming Next Week

A week of test shots, original sculpts and original hand painted samples all straight from the Mego R&D office. Prototype Week will begin next Monday at the Megomuseum. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Lost Treasures of the 1974 Mego Showroom

The Mego find of the decade sounds a bit like a dream a lot of collectors have had, a young Mego employee asks to keep the items from the 1974 Toy Fair showroom and then stores them in a climate controlled closet for 34 years. That’s exactly what toy collector/dealer Bruce Zalkin encountered recently when…

Coming Soon

January 2008 will be an epic month for the Megomuseum as we present “Lost Treasures of the Mego Showroom” an event filled with new discoveries, never before seen items and a find that will have collectors talking for years to come. It all starts January 14th, see you in ’08. Happy New Year from the…