CustoMego is accepting submissions! Please follow the following guidelines and you could have your name in lights!
  • Please limit your customs to Mego action figures and related items.
  • Images should be sent to the submission address as attachments- please do not send links to web images. There are no set limits for image size/dimension, but please refer to the custom images already on the site for a good idea of the sizes we use.
  • When photographing your work for consideration, please make sure that the images you send are clear and of decent quality for Web presentation.
  • All submissions should include your full name, nickname if you have one, and a valid email address for communications.
  • We simply can't put up everything we see; please understand if some customs don't make it. For example, a regular Mego Batman with all the blue parts recolored black has been done before and is quite common-- it's unlikely that every redeco will make it into these pages. To improve your chances of being added to the site, we encourage uniqueness.
  • The submission of an image or images is also consent for CustoMego and The mego Museum to use the image(s) supplied in any manner and for any purpose except commercial. Because that just wouldn't be cool, and we wouldn't do that.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or remove any submission at our discretion.

If you have a site you'd like linked to (and that has to do with Mego customs) from CustoMego, drop us a line!

Ready to show the world your masterpiece? Send your submissions to!

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