Dinah Mite Outfits

Dinah-Mite outfits, first introduced in 1972 as seen here in this catalog page, offer a wealth of questionable 70's sensibilities. 1975 introduced new outfits you may never have seen, and there are mystery outfits previously unknown.

To view each of the five sets, select the purple buttons to the left, or view each individual outfit by name.

One tantalizing prototype pictured is an obviously red haired Dinah-Mite wearing the Brocade Beauty outfit, as well as a brown haired Nurse Nightengale. While there is some variation in her blonde hair color, no Dinah's with these distinct hair colors are known to exist.

Despite enjoying a longer run than her counterpart, Action Jackson, Dinah outfits are much harder to find.

Dinah Outfits came in thin window boxes. The first series (left, top) featured the photos of the dressed figures that are on the above catalog page. However, the outfits were only labled with their item number, not named.

On the final series, the DInah picture on the front is different and extends into the die-cut window. On the back of these boxes, the original 18 outfits are pictured and NAMED, yet the NEW outfits in the series are not pictured at all, despite appearing in the 1975 catalog....

Very strange. Names for NEW outfits here are made up by Anthony McElveen.