Exclusive First Look at Abin Sur from Figures Toy Company

As we’ve seen in recent #MMFTCNEWS updates, Figures Toy Company still has a lot up their sleeve when it comes to the Super Friends retro figure series. From Solivar to Desaad, and even last week’s revelation of the Death of Superman variant, FTC has shown that they’re taking inspiration from every episode of the popular animated series. In this weeks update, yet another new character joins the series, as a good friend of a certain Super Friend is ready to be revealed. Here is your first look at Abin Sur!

A legendary member of the Green Lantern Corps, Abin Sur was forced to seek out someone to replace him as Green Lantern when his starship crashed on Earth. While in his final moments, Abin Sur found Hal Jordan, and passes on the power of the Green Lantern to him, granting him all the abilities that made him one of the strongest Super Friends! FTC is proud to add Abin Sur to the Super Friends lineup so that collectors can recreate GL’s origin story, as well as increase the number of characters from the Super Friends cartoon who have become FTC retro figures!

Abin Sur is set for release later in the year, so stay tuned to #MMFTCNEWS for more updates on him and the other Super Friends figures you’ve seen recently! You can also visit Figures Toy Company for all the previous retro figure releases, from Superman to Sinestro, and Apache Chief to Gorilla Grodd! Aside from the Super Friends, you’ll also find other DC Comics characters, FTC’s killer KISS retro figures, the new Presidential series, and much more! Don’t forget to follow FTC on all forms of social media for more news and previews, and come back here next week for another look at upcoming Figures Toy Company products!