Farewell, Retro Action.

retro superman

EMCE Toys has confirmed what the Infinite Hollywood site reported earlier today: Mattel’s Retro Action is coming to an end . According to a chat with Matty Collector representatives, Retro Action will not continue”…past the 2011 offerings”. It is unclear whether this means the line ends with Wave 4 of Retro-Action currently for sale or if a final 5th Wave may arrive before the end of the year.

Either way, it does mark the end of a grand effort to bring back Mego style Superheroes. Our hearty congratulations and thanks go out to the guys at EMCE for their work in bringing these to the market. 21 mass marketed Mego style Super Heroes is a great accomplishment that has made a lot of Mego fans very happy. Yes, there is more that could have been done, but it was also more than we ever dreamed would happen.

The 8 inch action figure format is continuing to grow and we look forward to seeing what comes next!

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