Figures Toy announces first look at Captain Boomerang and Reverse Flash from The Flash Series 1!

Watch out, Central City!  Figures Toy Company is pulling back the curtain on production so that you can see two of The Flash’s greatest foes! Here is your first look at Captain Boomerang and Reverse Flash from The Flash Series 1!
A new series of figures featuring characters from the Scarlet Speedster’s world is now in the works, and what would a Flash series be without a few villains to chase down?  Captain Boomerang is a classic Flash rogue that a whole new audience was introduced to this past summer in the Suicide Squad film.  His figure is inspired by his Silver Age appearance, featuring him in his blue and white outfit with hat and scarf.  Since this is the first release for Boomerang, his figure also features an original head sculpt designed by Danny “The Farrow” Anniello!
No Flash Rogue’s Gallery is complete without Reverse-Flash, The Flash’s evil opposite!  The Man in the Yellow Suit seeks to make like miserable for The Flash, and now you can reenact some of DC Comics’ most memorable battles with this new retro figure!  The Reverse-Flash is designed similarly to the regular Flash retro figure, in a yellow jumpsuit with black and red lightning bolt.
The Flash Series 1 is still a few months from release, but time moves fast!  Stay tuned for additional updates and reveals as the release date nears!  Until then, Figures Toy Company can provide all the figure fun you can handle with their current offerings, and don’t forget to pre-order popular figures from the Super Friends series right now!  For more information on your favorite retro figures, read the #MMFTCNEWS every Friday, and follow the news on Figures Toy Company and Mego Museum social media with that hashtag!