Figures Toy Company announces 12″ Type S figures

Over the past couple of years, Figures Toy Company has produced a variety of new items in their trademark retro figure style, from a variety of new heads and accessories to a more articulated body style for their DC Comics retro figures. Customizers have had a great time checking out FTC’s website and finding ways to enhance their toys or come up with their own creations, and now they’ll have to “think big” because FTC is putting out a new S Type 12 Inch Body that they can build upon!
12 inch figures are nothing new to FTC; there are a variety of DC Comics heroes and villains available in that style at right now, but this marks the first time the extra large offering has been done in the fully articulated S Type Style. Want to update your Superman or Batman with the new body? Or maybe a 12 inch killer clown is more your style? Whichever you prefer, the option to make a colossal creation for your collection is coming soon!
Speaking of soon, the holiday season is upon us, and people are rushing to get gifts for their loved ones. This holiday season, Figures Toy Company is offering 2 different discount codes that will help you save some money on your Christmas shopping! Use code FTC10 for 10% off (on orders up to $199,99), or take 20% off larger orders ($200 or more) with code FTC20! The codes are valid on everything on, which means your favorite DC Comics characters, sets of The Three Stooges, and even their giant pro wrestling playsets like the Steel Cage are eligible! Let Figures Toy Company help you get your holiday shopping done ASAP, and make sure to come back here next week for an all new #MMFTCNEWS update!


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