Figures Toy Company Announces a Kid Devil retro figure

Figures Toy Company Exclusive news

Last week’s #MMFTCNEWS put the spotlight on Blue Devil, and for this week’s update Figures Toy Company is bringing him some backup! Just when you thought your Blue Devil retro figure would have to battle evil alone, FTC is happy to announce that Kid Devil is coming too!

After meeting his hero on a movie set, young Eddie Bloomberg decided that he could be Blue Devil’s sidekick. Despite reluctance from the demonic do-gooder, Kid Devil proved to be an asset, and eventually broke off to aid other heroes in the DC Universe. Whether you have his retro figure continue to help Blue Devil or pair him with your Teen Titans toys, there’s no denying that Kid Devil will be one of the quirkiest collectibles that FTC has done under the DC Comics banner!

We know that we’re living in challenging times, and hopefully, these #MMFTCNEWS updates are providing all of you collectors out there with a lot to look forward to! Kid Devil, Blue Devil, Wildcat, and Hourman are just a few of the recent reveals from Figures Toy Company, and there’s a whole lot more that hasn’t been announced yet! You can keep your collection growing by checking out for tons of toys ranging from DC Comics retro figures to classic TV characters like Scooby Doo and The Three Stooges, and even an assortment of US Presidents! Check out FTC’s social media for more information on what’s available as well as news on upcoming releases, and we’ll see you in seven days for another edition of #MMFTCNEWS!

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