Figures Toy Company, Castaway and White Elephant Toys team up!

Retro figure fans are going to love Figures Toy Company’s future plans revealed here in this week’s #MMFTCNEWS.  Collectors know that FTC is always looking to expand and improve upon their already impressive range of products, and they’ve now these separate companies; Figures Toy Company, Castaway and White Elephant Toys are working in conjunction with one another!  What does this mean for figures like those from FTC’s DC Comics and Hanna Barbera licensed lines?  Read on to find out!

The combination of these three companies has allowed FTC to acquire the molds for new body types for use in retro figure production.  A solid construction Type S body will be sold on and eventually used on new figures going forward and may also be used in re-releases of some of your favorite figures from the past!  FTC has also gained access to the super articulated Humanoid female figure body, which will mark another change in the design of FTC characters in the future years.  Each of these body molds have been beloved and used by customizers and collectors for years, but the agreement between Figures Toy Company/Castaway/White Elephant will allow them to be used in mass production moving forward!  The agreement will also see collaborative efforts among the companies, which will deliver all new collectibles to the marketplace!

If you think improved figure molds is enough big news for a while, then think again!  On top of all their recent reveals, Figures Toy Company is also expecting a December delivery with items available in time for the holidays!  Be sure to bookmark Figures Toy Company for easy access to check out what collectibles are already in stock, and what’s being added soon.  Current offerings include characters from the Super Friends cartoon series, the fan-favorite Batman Classic TV Series figures, The Three Stooges, and even select Christmas themed figures from the Stooges and KISS lines!  Be on the lookout for new figures and new body types coming to FTC, and watch for a new #MMFTCNEWS update next (and every) Friday!