Figures Toy Company releases special edition of World’s Greatest Toys

It’s time to take a look back at a major part of toy history, as Figures
Toy Company is proud to announce the re-release of Benjamin Holcomb’s “Mego 8″ Super Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys” book!

Originally released back in 2007, Holcomb’s book is regarded as the definitive guide to all things Mego.  An amazing amount of research went into this,and it covers everything a collector could ask for!  From packaging to prototypes, interviews with Mego employees, and a look at every single Mego superhero, even the ones that never made it to the toy aisle!

This is essential reading and a great reference tool for any Mego collector.  The book has been out of print for some time, but now Figures Toy Company will be releasing an updated version that will include 10 pages of bonus content that showcases their World’s Greatest  Heroes retro action figures!

Thanks to Figures Toy Company, fans of their retro action figures can now read up on what inspired their own World’s Greatest Heroes toy line.

This amazing resource features insightful interviews, amazing photos and a chronological  history of the 8″ World’s Greatest Superheroes toy line!

“Mego 8″ Super Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys” Special Edition will be released this fall, and will only be available exclusively at

Don’t miss out on this complete history of the World’s Greatest Toys!


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