Fist Fighters:

This lovely ballroom dance/fight scene is from the 1975 Mego catalog. This photo is a classic. As the catalog was prepared well in advance of production, the figures are all Type 1 bodies!

Mego 1975 Catalog featuring the fist Fighting Superheroes!Mego 1976 catalog featuring the fist fighters1977 Palitoy uk Fist Fighters pageToltoys Australia Fist Fighter Page


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However, It is my opinion that packaged is the only way to go with these things. The fighting mechanism is a little dodgy, as I said, but as a collector how often are you actually going to play with them? For display purposes they are essentially identical to the regular versions, so I think it's best to have a nice colorful box that says "Fist Fighter" loud and proud. Course, that's just me, and I'm doomed to just my loose Joker because of it. That said...