The "Shuttles" Series of Vehicles looked ALOT like Micronaut vehicles dressed in stickers, big in the UK these did reach the US in photoboxes with the Lionrock logo on them

A comparison shot between the Bat Shuttle and the Micronauts Solarian

Robin Shuttle Courtesy of Super Collector (and this wings creator) Scott Arendsen.

Hulk Hydro Car is just a repackaged Micronauts Vehicle with a Lionrock box, a Spiderman version has also been found.

Super rare Spider Car Boxed Set, this packaging is an early transition piece. Even though the set clearly states "Pocket Heroes" early versions feature Comic Action heroes instead. Mego later on retooled this packaging by placing the figures in the box itself (the flap was heavy and easily damaged) and by switching Gobby with Hulk.

Click to see the Spidercar set from the Comic Action Heroes line.

The second version of the pocket heroes Batmobile set (the first version features two Comic Action Heroes in this package) Like the Spidercar, Mego would drastically redesign the Batmobile packaging in the early eighties..

New to the Museum is the extremely rare final boxed version of the Mego Batmobile, released in 1982 this is probably some of the last Superhero merchandising released by Mego. (pictures courtesy of Raj

The packaging on this set looks nothing like anything Mego had done before using images from the DC Styleguide, it shows how Mego items might have looked had they progressed into the 1980's

The original price tag reads $9.95, that's inflation for you. Note how Batman and Robin are still smilin' though...

Please note the Pocket Heroes Batmobile is subtly different then the CAH Batmobile

The Bat Machine was a star attraction in the Mego Electronics Catalog for 1980

Progamable "Spider Trax" is actually tough to find, here it is in it's Mexican (Ensueno) box which includes a free Spiderman! (brian's collection)

The Claw set (with Spidey and Green Goblin) and Ampzilla (with Luthor and Supes) were never produced as Pocket Hero sets but did surface in Canada and Italy as Micronauts vehicles.

Original Catalog pages, Mego ads, comic book ads and order forms for the Mego Pocket Superheroes, click on them for a larger view

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