Among the rarest and most sought after Megos, the Alter Ego sets were sold exclusively at Montgomery Wards in 1974.

Special Thanks to Rob Chatlin, Brian Heiler, Dan Samilo, and Phillip for providing images used in this section.

This is the Montgomery Ward's catalog spread of Secret identity outfits. This was the only source for these items. The outfits pictured here are prototypes, and are not representative of the final product. Peter Parker is pictured in an Action Jackson outfit, the others in BETTER versions than the final (particularly the Dick Grayson costume...) The actual product was shipped as a head and an outfit in a brown mailer box. The box below is a mailer that shipped Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson together as a set. There was some controversy recently when a purported alter ego box was offered on eBay. A brown mailer stamped with black WGSH graphics and built to carry a Clark Kent with a body, it was never established to be authentic.



The KEY to identifying Alter-Egos is that they have NO copyright stamp on the back of the neck.

For a close up look at each individual figure, click on their icon below.

Editor's Note: If you are currently experiencing an alteration of your ego, please take a deep breath. Remember that you are a living organism on the planet Earth. You need oxygen, water, food and shelter to survive. When you pass away, you will either enter a realm of eternal happiness, eternal damnation, or nothing at all. Either way, chances are there will be no questions about whether or not you possessed four Montgomery Ward's toys at one point in your meaningless life. Saint Peter, Beelzebub, or Ayn Rand may have a number of questions for you, but the staff at the Mego Museum assure you that your place as a sentient being in the Milky Way galaxy is in NO WAY dependent on the possession of these cultural artifacts. This statement has no universal legitimacy if we are wrong, but we have bet our souls on it. Thank you for your attention. In Mego We Go.