Gestern Wars Logo Lion Rock German releases of the WW2 figures

Gestern Wars: Lion Rock figures in Germany

knockoffcard.jpg 18.4 K Gestern Wars translates to "Yesterday's Wars" in English and was the German release for these well made action figures.

The packaging for Gestern Wars 32 figures is very similiar to that of Italy's Polistil Releases and was likely produced at the same time

Finding figures in Gestern Wars packaging is no easy task.

Boxed Gestern Wars Scottish Guard Despite calling them "Lion Rocks", the Gestern Wars packages are clearly marked 1976 Mego Corp in name only. (No Mego Logo appears on them). Each Gestern Wars character has a catalog which has their individual artwork on the cover, a detail that you wouldn't see today.

Checklist for Mego "Gestern Wars" figures

US Forces: Artic Infantryman, Fighter Pilot, Airforce Tailgunner, Marine, Combat Officer, Infantry man, Frogman.

Allied Forces : Scottish Guard, Anzac Bush Fighter, British Torpedo Captain, British Commando, British Paratrooper, British Desert Rat, French Infantry Man, French Resistance Fighter, French Legionnaire, French Tank Commander, Chinese Infantryman, Chinese Guerrilla.

Axis Forces German Infantry man, Luftwaffe Pilot, Japanese Sharpshooter, Japanese Infantryman, Japanese Fighter Pilot, German Afrika Korps, German Paratrooper, German Mountain Trooper, German U Boat Commander, Russion Infantry, Russian Officer, Japanese Officer, Italian Partesian.

Original Gestern Wars Catalog that was included in each package

Boxed Figures
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Scottish Guard

Back of the box

Japanese Sharpshooter
Back of the Box
Scottish Guard Scottish Guard Art Japanese Sharpshooter Japanese Sharp Shooter Art

English Commando

Back of the box

English Dessert Rat
English DesertRat
British Commando British Commando Art English Desert Rat English Desert Rat Art
Japanese Infantry
Japanese Infantry.jpg
Japanese Pilot
Japanese Pilot
Japanese Infantry Japanese Pilot Box Japanese Pilot Japanese Pilot Box
Italian Partesian
Italian Partesian
German Uboat
British Torpedo
Italian Partesian Italian Partesian Box German Uboat Captain German Uboat Box
German Paratrooper
German Paratrooper
French Tank Commander

German Paratrooper Paratrooper Box British Torpedo Captain British Torpedo Box

Special Thanks to Bill Kaufman and Vincent Cerbone for all the pics and information.