Mego Exclusive Big Lots Worlds Greatest Superheroes

Mego Superheroes Big Lots

After Marvel, the second most fantastic announcement at this weekend’s Mego Meet was the Big Lots exclusive Mego 50th Anniversary Superheroes coming this September. We’ve been granted an early look at the variants.

Mego Superman coming to Big Lots

Superman has been detailed to resemble the Fleischer Superman. The outfit is a deeper blue, the belt is now red and of course, that emblem rocks.

Mego Batman Big Lots

Batman has been detailed to resemble the 1966 Batman outfit with a revised cowl, bat log and a belt that resembles the TV utility belt.

Mego Robin 50th Anniversary Big Lots

Robin has a detailed new t,unic and his oven mitts have been replaced with green hands with gauntlets.

The Big Lots Joker has purple hands, that harken back to the Cesar Romero outfit.

Mego Superheroes at Big Lots this fall.

Mall of Justice,” is almost here , I once again plead with you for submissions. I want to share your photos and stories if you met He-Man at Toys R Us or Captain America at a Car wash. It doesn’t matter if “Chewbacca” was a guy wearing loafers in a gorilla mask; that’s a bonus!

Send your stories and photos to [email protected], and I’ll do my best to include them in the publication.

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