Mego Grails at Hake’s

If you haven’t noticed, some incredible Mego World’s Greatest Superhero items are ending today on auction at Hake’s Americana. The jewel of this collection is the carded Green Goblin and infamously short-packed and short-lived packaging version of Spider-Man’s main baddy.

Mego Carded Green Goblin

We’re lucky to have the seller of these items in the MegoMuseum community and he wanted to share some pre-graded shots of this item and their story. I’ll let Paul tell the story in his own words, Mego collectors have likely dreamt of such events:

“All come from an auction in Indiana, I think it was 2000 – I know for sure it was either 2000 or 2001.

My brother and Mom were living there and had seen an ad for this auction – this was a collector who had died and had an exhaustive collection of carded/boxed Megos and carded Star Wars in pristine condition. Hake’s had seven of the eight graded and they all graded 75-80+.

The auction was advertised ahead of time so that my brother was able to send me lists of what was available. In addition to Goblin and Lizard that my family bought I definitely remember carded Riddler and Green Arrow (75/76, not Kresge). I don’t remember if they had Iron Man. If not a complete set of carded WGSH (not including Kresge) it was close to it.

I think the boxed collection was complete – my brother picked up Iron Man, Invisible Girl and Human Torch.

And again, a long time but if memory serves the carded WGSH were going for hundreds each – $100-$200 for more common, $300-$500+ for rarer. I’m sure nothing went for more than a thousand.

Cue the “If only we’d bought them all” song.

We’ve had these for twenty years and decided it was time for them to find a new home. I have to think the carded Goblin is if not the nicest example among them as there aren’t many left.”

Thanks to Paul for sharing this amazing figure, the entire collection including this gorgeous carded Lizard end today at


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