Mego Head of the Month: Scott Arendsen

We’re bringing back one of our favourite features here on the Mego Museum, talking with collectors about their passion of Mego’s past and future. Out first spotlight has been a regular and frequent contributor to the halls of knowledge around here, Mr. Scott Arendsen. Scott has a legendary collection and was kind enough to share some photos and insights.

Name: Scott Arendsen

Do you have a website or a blog?  No

How long have you been collecting Mego?  Roughly 35 years, give or take.

What is your favorite Mego line?

WGSH (aka World’s Greatest Superheroes). It’s pretty much the only line I had as a kid.

Happiest Mego Memory?

Finding my first Mego ever, which was Superman.

What is your favourite new Mego figure of recent years (If you have one). ?

The boxing figures of Ali, Rocky and Clubber were spot on.

What’s one item in your collection your most proud of?

I have a set of the 4 Secret Identity figures. I never thought I own a set and am glad I was able to acquire them.

What’s your Mego “white whale”?

The Pocket Heroes Spidey-Mobile. I have been after one forever. A close second would be a carded Batmobile.

Any other hobbies, or collections?

Mego is my main collection, although you’d never know it looking in my toy room. Being a draftsman though I like to draw houses on the side.

Any words of wisdom for beginning collectors?

Collect what you like and be kind to one another. You can make life long friends in this hobby. I certainly have.

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