Mego Museum Figures Toy Company News: Series 4 Retro Batman

It’s time to expand your Caped Crusader collection, because there are some fantastic new figures now up for pre-order at Two new series featuring characters from the Batman universe will be in stock soon; the Classic TV Series Villains Variants wave and Batman Retro Series 4!
In the Villains Variants wave, four famous rogues from the 1966 show come dressed in highly detailed, episode specific attire.  Figures Toy Company design team has created original, detailed outfits for some of the series’ most famous faces; Prison Inmate Shame, Sandwich Delivery Egghead, Bug Doctor King Tut, and Mad Sculptor Mad Hatter!  Each of these infamous enemies of Batman come dressed just as they were in the classic TV episodes that focused on their character!
Still need more of the Dark Knight? Then be sure to collect Batman Retro Series 4, which features characters inspired by classic DC Comics artwork. The first retro figure of Ra’s Al Ghul is a part of this series which also includes Scarecrow, Commissioner Gordon, and an all new Batman figure based on Neal Adams’ rendition of the character, with a new head sculpt created by Danny “The Farrow” Anniello!
Place your pre-orders now, Bat-fans! All of these amazing figures will be available in the Middle of May 2016, and with pre-orders you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on them! These are some of the most requested retro figures by collectors, so don’t miss your chance to add them to your collection.  Head over to Figures Toy Company today, and remember to use hashtag #MMFTCNEWS each and everyFriday on social media for more exclusive retro figure updates from Figures Toy Company and the Mego Museum!






Robyn Adams (under the name Scott C Adams until recently) created the Mego Museum in 1996 and has been constantly redesigning it very slowly ever since. She is an animation background painter, graphic artist, illustrator and web designer in Oakland, California. She can be reached at