Mego Museum Podcast: Interview with sculptor Sean Sansom

Brian and Scott are packing for Mego Meet, but before they leave town they talk to Sean Sansom, an emmy award winning motion picture effects artist who also does sculpting for toy companies including ReMego heads for EMCE toys and BifBangPow.

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Show Recap:

This year’s MegoMeet Customs auction will be open to internet bidding via The Big Toy Auction.
Sean’s first model sculpt was Killers From SpaceOne of Sean’s early works was this Kolchak:The Night Stalker kit
The Creature and the Bride are two figures Sean sculpted that are coming out this year.
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Mego Meet is next Friday and Saturday.


Robyn Adams (under the name Scott C Adams until recently) created the Mego Museum in 1996 and has been constantly redesigning it very slowly ever since. She is an animation background painter, graphic artist, illustrator and web designer in Oakland, California. She can be reached at