Mego Wave 18 Red Tornado first look!

With the power of cyclone-force winds, Mego is bringing fan favourite, Red Tornado, to the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Hero collection! The Red Tornado was created by supervillain Dr. Morrow to defeat the Justice League. Red Tornado “contemplated the nature of good and evil and decided that good was the superior force”. He then used his high-speed wind velocity superpowers to help the league defeat his creator!  

Red Tornado will come in a retro-styled window box featuring classic artwork. This production figure captures the iconic look of the original World’s Greatest Super-Hero Mego action figures. Red Tornado will be part of the Mego Wave 18 wave and is expected to be available around the middle of March!

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You can preorder Red Tornado at Absolutely Retro and Entertainment Earth.

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