Mego Moonraker Figures

Mego Moonraker

Regular Issue James Bond and VIllain Hugo Drax (Courtesy Brad at Amazing 3rd Planet)

Star Wars had such a big impact in the late seventies that even James Bond got into the Sci-Fi game with this 1979 release.

If it was Sci-Fi in the seventies, Mego bought the license and put a best effort into producing several lines including a 3" line similiar to the Comic Action Heroes. .

Dr. Holly Goodhead was changed to the kid friendly "Holly" while production delays forced Jaws to be a European exclusive (Thanks to Chris Johnson for these minty boxed figures)

While the sometimes campy Moonraker was a hit at the box office, buyer support for the line was minimal resulting in only three of the 12" figures ever hitting US soil.

Chris Johnson provides us with a look at the very rare European exclusive deluxe James Bond, what a shame this didn't see a wider release.

Chris Johnson gives us a great shot of actor Richard Kiel and his mego counterpart this summer.