Montgomery Wards telephoned Mego one day in 1975 and asked them to produce a 12 inch villain to go with the Kenner Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman dolls Wards would be selling through it's Christmas catalog. Mego responded by phoning the job right back in.

This is one of the strangest Mego products ever. He is horrifyingly bad, and thus completly delightful. Barely articulated, he has the long lanky body similar to Mego's 1970 Fighting Yank. Softish rubber arms with no joints at all, though it is jointed at the knee and ankle.

What makes Dr. Kromedome a BIONIC VILLAIN? Well, he's got a metal hat, a silver arm, and some vaguely technical looking face paint. Frankly, I've met drag queens that were more Bionic looking than this guy. Similar makeup jobs too. The outfit is made of shiny metallic-style fabric in one of the worst color schemes I have ever seen. The cape, by the way, is unhemmed cloth, and it is split in the middle for reasons unknown. It's also a really sick fuscia. Not nice fuscia like the Goblin, but sick fuscia like Aunt Opal's polyester hotpants.


Mego knew what it had done, too. The company logo is not on the box, and it's name is in very small type. Take the money and run, baby.

Many thanks to the Imp for providing his Kromedome for scanning and ridicule. The other half of the story is that this is one of the top ten rarest Megos and a remarkable thing to own in such great condition. We will get some scans of the back of the box and the figure to illustrate the cape.