1983 Eagle Force The Second Wave

Page One: The Good Guys!


1983 would have seen a second wave of Eagle Force Heroes and Villains arise. The second wave was again using the characters race as a strong identifying feature (this has been done for many years in military comics such as Blackhawk and Sgt. Fury) The multiple names were done in case another toy company had secured the rights.

Sadly, Mego shut it's doors for good before the line could ever reach retail. Now for the first time ever, the Megomuseum gets to proudly publish the "lost wave" of Eagle Force with character description notes by Mr Paul Kirchner.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Chicago

"Chicago" "Big Al"

A nostalgic type who wears a thirties fedora and the obligitory balck shirt and white tie under his E.F blouse. He favours the Thompson M1928Al with the 50-rd drum. Talks about his "family" alot.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Pancho


Mexican, wears sombrero, bell bottoms, bandoliers. Carries the M-14 with the E-2 (pistol Grip) stock. Counter Insurgency expert.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Hurricane


Black Heavyweight Boxer, Joe fraser type. Carries the Stoner 63 5.56 mm machine-gun with 100 rd box magazine.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Rebel

"Rebel" "Reb" "Stonewall" "Dixie"

Large southern redneck hillbilly. Wears confederate hat, confederate holster (reveresed), and Civil war cavalry boots. Carries M2 .50 cal. machine gun.


Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Brooke Lynn

"Mimi" "Brooke Lynne" "Bubbles"

Eagle Force's underwater operative. Wears a gold wetsuit, flippers, tanks. Carries a spear gun.



Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Santini


Italian, from a circus family. Can walk a tightrope, do trapeze work, and tumbling. wears a tight gold top. Carries and M-16 with scope.



Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Kelly and King

"Kelly" And "King"

Kelly is an Irish Ex-Cop. His expertise is in the area of detective work. His equipment is cop style, with a .38 revolver, cuff case and a badge. He is the Eagle Force Dog Trainer. King is the Eagle Force's k-9 Korps...he sniffs out explosives, drugs and does anything Rin Tin Tin can do.

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