New Discovery! Jessica from Logan’s Run Head Sculpt

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The Mego line of action figures based on the television series “Logan’s Run” has haunted many a collector. The toyline was cut before toyfair 1978 (due to the series cancellation) and only a handful of factory samples of the figures exist.

While the Mego Museum has uncovered the figures of the male cast, the  Jessica 6 (played by actress Heather Menzies) action figure has yet to be seen, despite rumours that it rests in a private collection,

While we still don’t have an image of the completed figure to share with you, thanks to a former Mego employee,  we do have images of a factory test pull of the Jessica head sculpt.


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Mego Jessica 6 head sculpt from Logan's Run

Mego Jessica 6 head sculpt from Logan’s Run

This is a vinyl pull from the factory of the head sculpt and unfortunately does not have the hair or the facial paints yet but we can see a decent likeness to actress Heather Menzies.

Mego Jessica 6 head sculpt from Logan's Run

Mego Jessica 6 head sculpt from Logan’s Run


Below is a totally crude (don’t laugh I’m tired) mock up of what the finished figure might look like, we’ll probably attempt to do this physically in the coming months.

MegoMuseum Logans Run

Mego Logan’s Run Jessica Crude Mock Up


A family reunion of sorts with the other Logan’s Run Factory Sample figures. Hopefully we’ll finally get at least a look at the completed Jessica 6 figure in the not too distant future.

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